Dec 27, 2008

NHL Bradley

The future NHL star playing at the Dee Stadium in Houghton.

Oh yes and his big sister coach.


Dec 24, 2008

Christmas Eve at St. Anne's

Pictures from Christmas Eve at St. Anne's in Chassell. Albert and his crew once again outdid themselves.


Dec 22, 2008

The Gingerbread House

A short photo documentary of the construction of Gabby's Gingerbread House.

She can blame Dad if the walls aren't straight.


Dec 19, 2008

My Day in 1st Grade

Pictures from my day in 1st Grade with Gabby and crew. What a great bunch of kids. They are so polite, energetic, and fun. Thanks for having me Mrs. Gillis.

Also, thanks to Todd and Jessie of Brassard Media for letting me try out one of their new Nikon SB-800 Speedlights. I definitely have lots to learn in the Nikon Creative Lighting System world. As I told Todd having a Speedlight, is like saying "let there be light, and make it perfect".

And yes, my wife was correct when she said "teachers don't just do coloring all day", but I knew that.


Dec 11, 2008

Houghton Elementary Christmas Concert

Pictures from the Houghton Elementary Christmas Concert. My apologies to Brad and his family for thinking he was in a different grade so no close-ups.


Dec 7, 2008

Dec 5, 2008

72-Year Old Snowblower

The person, not the equipment. This is my Dad blowing snow in Painesdale, one of the snow capitols of Michigan.

I hope I'm up to the task when I'm his age.

I suppose I could have offered to help, but it was more fun taking pictures.


Douglass House

Pictures of the facade work at the Douglass House in Houghton for my friend Albert.


Zenfolio Finalist Picture

This picture of Gabby at Black Bear Cabin is one of thirty finalists chosen for one of Zenfolio's home page photo contests.


Dec 4, 2008

Gabby Showing off her Winter Finery

The always posing Gabby. Some additional pictures from Santa's arrival in Hancock that look like they were taken with a cheap point and shoot camera.


Dec 3, 2008

The Gauthiers

Now that the secret is out for Sharon and Bill, here are the rest of the pictures. Jamie arranged to have all the kids and grandkids meet at the cabin for some photos. The kids kept it a secret until now. I thought they were waiting for

My Favorite -------------------->



Nov 28, 2008

Snow at Whitecaps

Some pictures from our day after Thanksgiving visit to Whitecaps Cottage. Bets are on for what type of animal the rock in the second the picture looks like.

Lake Superior sure is beautiful at any time of year.


Nov 27, 2008


Some pictures from our 2nd Thanksgiving Day Visit.


Nov 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Performance

The Houghton Elementary 1st and 4th graders performing at The Bluffs in Houghton.


Nov 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Bags for Homebound

Every year St. Anne's puts together bags or baskets for the elderly and homebound of our parish in Chassell. The Thanks- giving bags are always full of colorful construction paper turkey feathers.

All the pictures of the bags and the group putting them together are here.


Oct 31, 2008

Haunted Haus

Pictures from the Sig Pi Haunted Haus on College Avenue. This was kind of a last minute (read rushed) photo shoot.

Todd did some video as well. Apparently the house is applying for a philanthropic award and required some video and/or photos of their event.

It was definitely spooky.

Trick or Treat

Pictures from Chassell Trick or Treating and the Lions party.

Happy Halloween

Pictures from Gabby's School Halloween Party. Check out all the cute costumes.

Oct 30, 2008

Cabin Shadows

Pictures of the late fall shadows at the cabin. Even after the leaves are on the ground, the Keweenaw is still a beautiful place.


Dorsey hung out with me at the cabin today while I started to rake leaves. She looks so much like a hunting dog that I had to get some L.L. Bean-style photos.

Oct 29, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

The 2008 pumpkin carving.  More pictures are here.

Oct 25, 2008

Dorsey Doodle

Dorsey in all her glory.

Here are the the rest of the pictures.

Oct 17, 2008

Vegas Baby

What a week in Vegas. Three nights, three shows. Criss Angel, Bette Midler, and Beatles LOVE. The pictures for this entry are from the Barrett-Jackson auction held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Oct 11, 2008

Chester Goes For a Ride

This is Chester the Weimar- aner (yes I had to look up the spelling). He is my brother and sister-in- law's new dog (yes my brother has a dog). He's a dude (the dog that is).

Oct 9, 2008

Turn On The Heat

Thursday night, the Keweenaw was privileged to have four talented groups donate their time and talents to a worthy cause. Turn On The Heat was a concert fund raiser to assist local residents with upcoming heating bills.

Performing were Katie Marie and her band, Keweenaw Brewgrass, Uncle Pete's All-Star BBQ Blues Band, and the MTU Jazz Lab Band. What a fun and worthy cause.

Pictures from the concert and sound check can be found here...

Sep 28, 2008

Painesdale Colors

Even though the colors of the Jeffers Jets are green and white, Painesdale as a town really shows its colors each fall. Visiting my parents, I walked around some old walking trails to capture some falls scenery.

The full gallery is here.

Sep 27, 2008

Gabby Goes to School

My wife told me last week that she had pictures on our "old" camera. Apparently these pictures were of Gabby at the end of Kindergarten and the beginning of 1st Grade. Kind of funny how a digital camera is getting treated like a roll of film that sits in a camera and gets used over multiple years.

The picture gallery is here. This is a short Animoto video of some of the shots.

Sep 25, 2008

Houghton Elementary Open House

Houghton Elementary held their annual Open House and Ice Cream Social Thursday. These are some pictures of Gabby, her room, her teacher, and her art. Don't you just love the way she draws herself with her glasses?

Sep 20, 2008

Parade of Nations

Pictures from the annual MTU/ Houghton/ Hancock Parade of Nations. Towards the end of the gallery are some pictures of the "Michigan Top of the World" project as worked on by The Marketing Department and Brassard Media. It is interesting that this will be the last year the Houghton skywalks will be in any pictures.

Michael, Michael, Motorcycle

Uncle Michael (my brother) took his niece (my daughter) and my nephew (Brad) for rides on his motorcycle Friday night. Both kids were just so excited to go for a ride. Michael definitely has the look, don't you think?

The full gallery is here...the slideshow is here...and check out the short video below.

Sep 18, 2008

Where I Work

Behind this door is some of the coolest technology in the Keweenaw Peninsula.

These pictures are of the front entrance to the Calumet Electronics plant where I work.

Todd of Brassard Media has been working on a longer video for an upcoming trade show and needed some outside shots.